Global Hybrid Operating Room Market is Expected to Reach $1637 million by 2025

Hybrid Operating Room(OR) was initially designed to fuse percutaneous coronary interventions (PCIs) and stent implantations with minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) strategies. Moreover, this hybrid operating room (OR) is a substitute for conventional operating room outfitted with dynamic medicinal imaging frameworks and devices supporting more high-quality interventional imaging & insignificantly invasive surgeries. The Overall Global Hybrid Operating Room Market is expected to grow at a significant compound CAGR rate of 12.29% from USD 648 million in 2017 to USD 1637 million in 2025. This expansion in the Hybrid Operating Room is due to the rising adoption of minimally invasive surgeries and increasing patient preference for affordable & effective surgical treatments are the factors impacting market growth. However, procedural risks related to the hybrid operating room is hampering market growth. In addition, the growing adoption of robot-assisted surgeries are the factors providing ample opportunities in the market.

Global Hybrid Operating Room: Key Segments

Component: - Among all Component, intraoperative diagnostic imaging systems captured for largest due they are wider application in the cardiovascular, and neurosurgery and additionally, huge minimally invasive surgeries would additionally improve the application of diagnostic devices. In this imaging systems are some of the factors like growing connection of hybrid operating rooms crosswise in important countries, most of the installation costs are related to diagnostic imaging products, continuing integration & automation of operating room workflows, and continuous technical developments in the field of diagnostic imaging.

Application: - Among all application, therapeutic captured for largest due to the rising occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, globally and growing preference of cardiac surgeons for hybrid operating rooms settings through target surgical procedures and this procedure potentially leads to the reduction of complexity, cardiopulmonary bypass time, risk, and to improved outcomes.

End-user: - Among all End User, Hospitals and Surgical Centers captured for largest due to the effective disease managing and owing to a number of diagnostic, and surgical procedures carried out at hospitals and also growing a number of patient emphasis on timely. These hospitals and surgical centers are focusing on an effort to build up these poor outcomes and accommodate surgeon, and interventionist needs, many hospitals have realized typically an OR with a fixed C-arm angiographic system.

Region: - Hybrid Operating Room Market covers North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Rest of the world. Asia Pacific region is dominated for the market is the largest share due to incidences of tremendous chances and constantly rising interest advanced in the operating rooms. In this region, it had started various initiatives to instruct people and surgeons about the hybrid room and countries like China and India, are likely to support the adoption of advanced surgical & diagnostic technologies in their respective healthcare systems.

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Key Market Drivers: -

Global Hybrid Operating Room Market Trends

  • Rising adoption of minimally invasive surgeries:              

Minimally invasive surgery is rising owing to continues play of an important role in general surgery as an alternative to traditional open surgery as well as traditional laparoscopic techniques and this surgery that includes natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery and single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS), is ss invasive and has better cosmetic results.

Global Hybrid Operating Room Market: Restraints

  • Procedural risks related to the hybrid operating room:

The related risks faced by the OR is like health-threat posing harms and risks to the health of medicinal services specialists utilized in the hybrid OR are characterized as ergonomic, biochemical, psychological, biological and physical. So, probably harms and risks in the hybrid OR should be defined and fundamental safeguards should be taken, and also should be inspected periodically and necessary training should be given to the healthcare specialists workers.              

Global Hybrid Operating Room Market: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Growing Adoption of Robot-Assisted Surgeries:

Robots are helped in surgeries which are united with computer science has been able to augment the surgeon's skills to achieve greatly improved accuracy and precision in complex surgery. The robotic assist surgery tests that have been achieved in a weightless environment and in spite of that it continued appealing to health care organizations and surgeons with a passion for cutting-edge technology. Constantly improving technology in optics, and computer science has introduced virtual reality (VR) and three-dimensional (3D) to operating rooms.

  • Implementation Time

Timeline from the initial decision to build a hybrid OR to the completion of the project will depend on whether an existing space is being retrofitted or if it is a new construction project. A carefully planned project that includes bringing together key stakeholders and trusted vendors early in the project can significantly shorten the time and reduce the risk along the way. Making vendor and design decisions up front will assist in the organization and success of the project.

Hybrid Operating Room Market Based on Component (Market Size and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, (US$ Mn)

  • Audiovisual Display Systems and Tools

  • Operating Room Fixtures

  • Surgical Instruments

  • Other Components

Hybrid Operating Room Market Based on Application (Market Size and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, (US$ Mn)

  • Diagnostic

  • Therapeutic

  • Biopsy

Hybrid Operating Room Market Based on End-user (Market Size and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, (US$ Mn)

  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

  • Hospitals and Surgical Centers

Hybrid Operating Room Market Based on Geographic Region (Market Size and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, (US$ Mn)

  • North America

  • Asia-Pacific

  • Europe


Hybrid Operating Room Market Competitive Analysis (Company Overview, SWOT Matrix, Financial, Product Overview, and Market Strategies)

  • Nuvo Pharmaceuticals Inc

  • Skytron LLC

  • Toshiba Corporation

  • Mizuho Corporation

  • Alvo Medical

  • Koninklijke Philips N.V.

  • Trumpf Medical

  • Getinge AB

  • Steris PLC

  • Stryker Corporation

  • Siemens AG

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